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Gaskets, Metal Shims and Custom Machined Products

Oleumfield Tech is Veteran Owned Busness

Supplier and producer of superior,

budget-friendly, and punctual engineered solutions ensuring your peace of mind.

CALL: (888) 687-8759


foot shop

30+ Materials Available

AutoCAD Custom Design Flexibility

Tailor-Made Gaskets

from .0005 to .125 thick

Our industry-leading products include:

Teflon Envelope, Heat Exchangers, Sponge Rubber Extrusions, Tube Cap, Folded, Woven Materials and more...

What We Offer

Reliability & Innovation


We bring ideas into the real world at Oleumfield Tech. When your company needs a custom gasket in Houston, TX, we create the required part. We will use the material of your choice while adhering to specifications. The result is a gasket that creates the perfect seal regardless of the application.


Not only can you rely on us for tailor-made gaskets, but we also offer metal shim manufacturing. We create shims in various thicknesses from .0005 to .125 thick in ferrous or non-ferrous materials.

Why Choose Oleumfield Tech


At Oleumfield Tech Seals and Gaskets, flat cut gaskets stand out as one of our premier specialties. Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke gaskets tailored to the exacting specifications and tolerances of a diverse clientele spanning various industries.
Our die shop boasts the capability to construct custom dies for
pressing gaskets using our in-house hydraulic presses. Alternatively, we offer the flexibility of designing your gaskets through our AutoCAD system, followed by precise cutting on our Flashcut Knife Table. Whether you provide your design in AutoCAD format, as a DXF file, or even as a hand-drawn sketch, we accommodate all preferences. Rest assured, whether via our die cut or flashcut custom fabrication processes, your flat cut gasket will not only meet but surpass your expectations for precision and quality.
In addition to our fabrication prowess,
Oleumfield Tech Seals and Gaskets, maintains an extensive inventory of sheet materials to cater to all your gasket requirements. Should your specific material not be in stock, we're adept at sourcing it promptly. Alternatively, you can supply your own sheet material, leaving the fabrication process entirely in our capable hands.
flat cut gaskets, we specialize in crafting heat exchanger gaskets and a myriad of other custom gaskets and seals, all crafted to exact client specifications. Entrust Oleumfield Tech Seals and Gaskets with your custom gasket needs, and experience unparalleled expertise and service.

Wholesale Solutions for Your Business

Plastic film rolls used for gasket and Shims

color-coded for thickness

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