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Rubber Gaskets

The Versatile World of Rubber Gaskets: Applications and Industries

Rubber gaskets are essential components used across various industries due to their flexibility, resilience, and excellent sealing capabilities. In the automotive industry, they ensure the proper functioning of engines, exhaust systems, and fuel systems by preventing leaks and maintaining pressure. The aerospace sector relies on rubber gaskets for sealing fuel tanks, maintaining cabin pressurization, and ensuring the integrity of landing gear systems. Industrial machinery applications include sealing pumps, valves, hydraulic systems, and compressors to prevent fluid leaks and maintain efficient operation.

The oil and gas industry uses rubber gaskets for sealing pipeline flanges, refinery equipment, and offshore platforms, where they must withstand harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. In the food and beverage industry, food-grade rubber gaskets are critical for maintaining hygiene and preventing contamination in processing equipment, bottling, packaging, and fluid transfer systems. The pharmaceutical industry benefits from rubber gaskets in medical devices, processing equipment, and fluid transfer systems, ensuring the purity and integrity of pharmaceutical products. Overall, rubber gaskets are versatile, reliable, and indispensable for maintaining the safety and efficiency of various industrial applications.

Custom Gaskets: Flawless Seals for Any Application

Whether you're sealing fluids, gases, or preventing leaks, the reliability of your gaskets is paramount. At Oleumfield Tech, we take on the task of crafting custom gaskets that ensure a flawless seal for any application. Utilizing the material of your preference and adhering to specified requirements, we engineer gaskets that offer optimal performance and durability, keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Precision Shims: Tailored Solutions for Every Need

In addition to custom gaskets, our expertise extends to precision shim manufacturing. Whether you require shims in various thicknesses ranging from .0005 to .125, made from ferrous or non-ferrous materials, we deliver tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Our shims are meticulously crafted to provide precise alignment, spacing, and support, ensuring the integrity and longevity of your assemblies and equipment.

Quality Assurance and Reliability

Choosing Oleumfield Tech guarantees not only tailor-made components but also the assurance that the right parts will contribute to the success of your project. Our cutting-edge facility is equipped with modern tools and machinery, capable of producing any part your project demands with exceptional precision and efficiency. With our commitment to quality assurance and reliability, you can trust us to deliver components that meet the highest standards of excellence.

Optimize Time and Budget

We understand the importance of optimizing both time and budget in your projects. By entrusting us to bring your components to life, you can streamline your manufacturing process and ensure that deadlines are met without compromising on quality or performance. With Oleumfield Tech as your partner, you can rest assured that your custom gaskets and precision shims are in capable hands, allowing you to focus on driving the success of your projects.

Contact Us Today

When you need custom gaskets and precision shims in Houston, TX, rely on Oleumfield Tech to deliver solutions that exceed your expectations. Get in touch with us today to discuss your specific requirements and discover how we can support your projects with tailor-made components engineered for success.

Metal Gasket, Sales
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We can meet all of your production needs thanks to our combination of experience and precise laser cutting equipment. Our team can work with high or low carbon steel and stainless steel to the highest tolerances. The products we make are used throughout industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, petrochemical, refining, and automotive.

We are up to the challenge of complex designs and assemblies, including those for custom gaskets and metal shims. In addition to parts manufacturing, you can also choose us for assembling per engineered specifications.

Our industry-leading products include:

  • Teflon Envelope

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Sponge Rubber Extrusions

  • Tube Cap, Folded Woven Materials

  • Cutting, Etching, Thin Gauge Materials

  • Boiler/Pressure Vessel Quality Materials

  • Neoprene Rubbers, Nitrile, EPDM, PTFE

  • Special Gaskets of All Types and Sizes Made per Sample

  • Non-Metallic Materials including Rubber, Plastic,
    Cork, Compressed Fiber, Laminates, Paper

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